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Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Time:  7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: Upstairs at Ford's - 544 St. George Blvd, Moncton, NB

Registration:     Tickets can be purchased at the pharmacy cash -- Limited to 12 participants


Managing stress is a vital element of being healthy -  come learn how dance yoga can help!

Susan Duquette of Holistic Healing will be our leader to show us how gentle yoga postures are incorporated into easy dance movements, to move through the chakras.

“Yoga dance is where the joy and fun meet the deep and sacred.  Moving through the chakras connects the mind, body, and spirit, combining dance, gentle yoga, breath, and moving meditation with wonderful music.”

Come join Susan and Ford’s for this fabulous workout for the body and mind!

About Susan Duquette

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Susan is a certified Let Your Yoga Dance Instructor, offering classes once a week at the Lions Community Centre. She has been teaching Let Your Yoga Dance classes for four years and has participated in Yoga classes for over 15 years.

Also a Reiki Master Teacher, Susan gives Reiki Courses on a regular basis and has a successful business "Holistic Healing" offering treatments that include Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Crystal and Sound healing.

Susan also taught figure skating for 27 years and still loves to do lots of outdoor skating.

"I love teaching Yoga Dance as it offers a way for people  to experience joy and relaxation all at the same time!" 

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