Since 1997, Ford’s Family Pharmacy & Wellness Centre has helped clients improve and prolong their health, wellness, and vitality by providing personalized compounding and wellness solutions. Our team, which currently consists of four pharmacists: Peter Ford, Bryan Sinclair, Candy Aguinaga, and Josh Bryant, more than a dozen pharmacy technicians/assistants/lab personnel, is attentive, compassionate, courteous, and responsive. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to complex medical problems, and work with Canadian healthcare providers (including physicians, veterinarians, nurse practitioners and dentists) to create well-rounded, comprehensive natural and compounding treatment plans. Our consultative approach, state-of-the-art technology and unique “Functional Medicine” position means we will work with you one-on-one to understand the root cause of your pain or other health issues and apply all our resources to developing the treatment that is right for you.

Our pharmacy hours are:

Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturdays 9am – 1pm From Labour Day to End of June
Closed Sundays and Holidays (and Saturdays in July and August)

We offer free delivery for prescriptions (and non-prescription orders of more than $25.00 before tax) to patients living in the Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe city limits.

You can order all of your regular prescription and front-of-store items over the phone, through our website at fordrx.ca or our pharmacy app. Click on “Order Refills” on the left hand menu for further detail.

Not Close to us? Have your prescriber fax your prescription to us and we will ship your medication to you.

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Stress - Anxiety - Insomnia

Stress is the number one cause of chronic disease. Directly: because continual high levels of stress hormones prevent the rest of your body systems from working properly, including digestion, so your body’s systems don’t get the nutrition they need. Indirectly: because stress causes us to make bad lifestyle and diet choices, we don’t even give our body proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and therefore, further stress our bodies. Making changes is difficult and a slow process, though extremely important. While working on that process, you may need some supplement help. Please come into the pharmacy to speak with a pharmacist for recommendations, as everyone is unique.